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The Science of Truth™ is an expansion process – a new approach in Conscious Evolution and empowering each individual with whatever is necessary in any given time to awaken, explore, heal and transform any unwanted or undesired emotional trauma, as well as learning how to manifest and create with all of the partnership and aspects of who they are, in this physical reality.

The Science of Truth™ is also a Healing Essence based in frequency transformation. It is facilitated through session work, teachings, body scans, Starborn Oil™ and intensives. All of which are designed to "meet each individual where they are" and create an opportunity to know the Authentic self. This is a progressive body of work which can eliminate cellular trauma patterns and belief systems imbedded through genetic, species or past life trauma. When done in alignment with integrity, free will and taking responsibility, one can be restored to their original and organic state of wholeness and unconditional love.


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